2021年1月号 D項


2021年1月号 D項

Debate: Topic and Outline



9. The direction of Liberalism
Liberal politics is not a solid one party or rather it has been separated into three different liberalisms. The problem with this is it is really hard to gain control of the party. There is a double standard between what they claimed, Democratic of Benefit, and what they also value, Democratic of Ideology, which they didn’t emphasize.

(1)Feminism, LGBT, and Environment protection are the themes that are included in the Democratic of Ideology. Many middle-class people support these movements while working-class people have less priority against these.

(2)Anti-war liberals would sometimes be contradicted against the workers who are working in the munitions industry as well.

(3)In the past, the civil right of the high poverty black community has the same goal as what an economical benefit is aiming for.

However, the formula that all non-white people are economically weak cannot be applied anymore since the group of east Asian people so-called east-Asian model has been getting economic successes in the late 1960’s. Even in the Hispanic community, there is a gap between those people who were originally in the U.S. when the west was still a part of Mexico and the new immigrants who recently came to the U.S. illegally. Not a few people in the first part got success while many people in the latter part are poor.

Democrats were trying to be a cohesive group by putting “the problem of ideology” aside and put “maximizing the benefit” as the goal.
However, even though, there was still conflict in the way they accomplish the goal. Some argue free trade is the way while others insist on protection trade.

・Obama administration’s strategy and policy
Obama administration promoted TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) with a risk of being opposed against their support base.
From a strategic perspective, the diplomatic team had been claiming an Asia-focused policy.
While, from the economical policy perspective, the new democrats who are close to Robert Edward Rubin, the ex-banking executive, were opposed to the diplomatic team’s intention.

In addition to that, there are backups for joining TPP from both the inside and the outside of the administration. Plus, there was a persuasion from a group of new democrats people to the Obama administration.

Bill Clinton had publicly claimed free trade inside the party.
Not sure if it is Bill Clinton’s influence, but Obama suddenly claimed free trade in 2014.

When the government almost came with a TPP general agreement in October 2015, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had overturned her opinion and suddenly opposed to TPP. The intention behinds that is that she wants votes from labor union and liberal.
In 2016, Even though Republican itself supports Free Trade, Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have opposed that and promote Protection Trade.

(written by Chiba and Translated by Nakamura.)