2019年 2月号 D項


2019年 2月号 D項

Debate: Topic and Outline

Soft Topic: Do you think “e-sports” games should be held as a kind of a sports

games in the Olympic games in future?  Why do you think so?


A: Early in the year, January 3rd, China launched a moon satellite and made it land to the other side of the moon (the opposite side of the earth). Moreover, it sent a picture of the other side of the moon for the first time in the world. This is excellent and it deserves the praise.


B: Is landing on the back side of the moon difficult technologically than landing on the moon of the earth’s side which Japan and America have been doing?


A: By landing on the front side of the moon, you can directly communicate from the earth, so it is easier to control. However, when it comes to the back side, you can’t directly communicate from the earth, so you have to first launch a communication satellite to the back side and put it where it can see the earth, moon, and the landing satellite. Then, you have to control the landing satellite by making it go through the communication satellite to make it land. Both Japan and America already have the technology to do it, but they have not combined each other’s skill to make it land. In that sense, it can be said that China has the high technology.


B: It was China’s CNSA’s (China National Space Administration, an organization referred to as the China’s NASA) first experience, so they must have been worried if it would end as a success or not. They must have gained confidence by making this successful.


A: To tell the truth, China’s mass media like on TV, this news was reported as the top news. In addition, after landing, a video of the hollow moon/surface that was taken by the rover was been sent.


B: What is China’s next plan?


A: This project was the main goal of Xi Jinping who lays out the high technology industry development policy (China’s manufacturing 2025). They are aiming for a space strong country, coming in next of America. It can be said that this is smoothly progressing. Xi Jinping and other leaders should be proud. Also, as the next step of the moon landing, in 2020, there is a plan to launch a Mars space probe. In 2022, they are planning to finish building their space station. This tells us as if the Chinese government is putting effort in space business. This can be taken as the Chinese citizen’s enhancement.


B: These projects are welcomed in terms of contributing to the development of human’s science technology, but on the other hand, there is the danger of having space technology divert to military technology. China is reinforcing military technology at the same time, so it is regarded as dangerous.


A: How about Japan’s plan?


B: In 2019, they are planning to launch an unmanned satellite to the moon, by using a miniature rocket called Epsilon. After that in 2020, they are planning to launch a manned satellite to the moon by tying hands with America. Then around 2025, they are planning to conduct a sampling of rocks from the moon.


A: What is the purpose of launching the unmanned satellite, Epsilon in 2019?


B: This is to increase the accuracy of landing to the destination, and at the same time, decrease the cost of launching, and increase the competition in business. In the future, there are plans for civilians to take a vacation to the moon.


A: What are they thinking in terms of the increase in accuracy of landing or the decrease in cost?


B: When it means to increase the accuracy of landing, the maximum of the accuracy of landing was more than 1000 meters. Therefore, it is necessary for increasing it to 100 meters. Also, for the cost to be around 10 billion yen. By the way, the Japanese big rocket, H2 is expected for its cost to be from around 100 billion yen to 50 billion yen.


A: Why is it expected for an increase in the accuracy of landing?


B: The reason for this is because in the future, ahead of the launch to the moon, there are plans for building a moon base for a launch base, and a relay base for the launch of a manned satellite to Mars. In order to build a moon manned base, it is necessary for transporting big amounts of materials from the moon. There would be hundreds of times where it will be directed towards the same spot, because it would be inefficient for transporting if it launched in different places every time. In other words, it is necessary to launch in the right area. Moreover, if this technology will be established, it would be diverted for the big rockets.

A: Then what is the goal for decreasing the cost?


B: As I mentioned earlier, in order to launch in the same place for hundreds of times, decreasing the cost is necessary.


A: Why? Isn’t it better to launch it from the moon base to go to Mars? Wouldn’t it be a detour if we do that?


B: The moon’s gravity is about 1/6 of the earth’s gravity. Thus, rockets which go far distances like Mars, it is better to launch it from the moon in order to decrease the amount of fuel. In other words, transport necessary materials to the moon in pieces and build it at the moon, and launch it to Mars.


A: Then, what is the plan for building the moon base?


B: The surface temperature of the moon is over 100 degrees Celsius during the day and below -150 at night. If this was the case, there is no way for humans to live there whenever they would have to stay for a long period of time to build this base. Therefore, in order for humans to live, there needs to be a significant amount of insulating material and heat. In order to reduce the materials, to reduce the cost, making the base underground might be efficient. Also, it would be a safety measure for avoiding the direct fall of meteorites.


A: You say underground, but isn’t it dreadful to make an underground space?


B: Fortunately, back when JAXA launched an observation satellite, “Kaguya” to the moon, it discovered a hole that is 60 meters in diameters in a place that is known as the moon’s Marius Hill. Also, a few other holes have been discovered. The thought is to use those holes. In order to do that, they would need to explore that area.


A: It sounds like it would cost a lot of money, but it still is a big dream! Are there other ways besides using the moon?


B: Japan’s construction companies are planning to build a hotel for the people who are going on a vacation to the moon. This will be a civil base. For that, it is necessary for lowering the cost of the launch.
















:打ち上げ精度を上げるとは、これまでの打ち上げ精度は最高でも1000m以上であった。これを100mまで高めることにある。また、イプシロンの打ち上げコストは約100憶円とすることだ! ちなみに、日本の大型ロケット・H2型ではこれまで、1回約1000憶円で、これを半分の500憶円にすることが求められている。